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Vehicle Safety

Add Driver-assist to an older vehicle

If you own an older car or any vehicle without modern driver-assist features, you don’t have to buy new to gain some of these leading-edge technologies. A number of aftermarket companies have developed products that can be retrofitted to many older vehicles, bringing modern safety features to old cars.

Equipment such as emergency assistance, rearview cameras/monitors, forward collision warning, lane departure warning and blind spot detection are credited with reducing accidents and saving lives. Rearview cameras alone are credited with reducing backing crashes by 40 percent for drivers 70 years of age and older. In comparison, backup cameras reduced 15 percent of crashes 15 percent for young drivers.

The following are some safety systems to consider for your car.

• Emergency Assistance

• Rearview Camea

• Birds Eye View

• Lane Departure Warning

• Forward Collision Warning

• Blind Spot Detection